What are your Video Marketing needs?

What are your Video Marketing needs?

What makes us different?
Our personal, 100% satisfaction guarantee. No gimmicks, just excellence in customer service.

How much does a video cost?
Since each project we do is completely customized, prices can vary. Typical pricing ranges from $2,400-$4,900 per minute of turn-key production. To get your customized quote, simply call or click to schedule your risk-free consultation.

Why do I need a video?
Videos keep viewers’ attention—not to mention the simplicity of watching a video versus just reading text or any other type of old-fashioned presentation.

In today’s modern society, video offers a quick, thorough option to capture and keep a viewers interest while explaining or selling your product at the same time.

Our videos are the perfect solution for effective, efficient marketing, and are a tool that continues to work even when you or your team is not. Your videos should do the main selling work, not your sales force.

Who needs video?
There is always a need for video in any business. Big or small, service or product, videos sell your business. Video is the common ground for everyone, and reaches out and captures your audience in a way many traditional sales tools do not. Videos can, and will, increase your ROI, and give your business a boost.

Why is  video considered the best introduction tool?
Simply stated, because videos capture attention while explaining your message in an engaging manor. Research shows that in today’s world, with our quick paced lifestyles, if you do not capture your viewer’s attention within 20 seconds, your visitor will lose interest and leave your website. This proves that, through video, you can achieve the goal of capturing and keeping your visitors on your site, with only a 20-second video. Once your viewer is hooked, a 1-3 minute video is all it takes to convey your message.

Does video increase my site ROI?video-production-south-florida
In a nutshell, yes. Research shows that when sight & sound are combined through video, retention of information is doubled. In some cases, introducing your products and/or services through video can actually help you dramatically improve your sales and ROI.

Research has also shown that shoppers on internet retail sites with videos are more likely to add products to their cart than other shoppers and retail site visitors also stayed an average of at least two minutes longer after viewing a video—that’s about 64% more likely to purchase.

Videos also offer a much more clear perspective to prospective clients. The old saying is true that if a picture is worth a thousand words, so what is 60 seconds of video worth?

How can you compare a video with a sales representative?
Simply put, video works for you 24/7/365. No bathroom breaks, no vacations, no illness, and no personal emergencies.

  • Video will always present your business with a positive face, and will never forget to showcase the most important features of your product and/or service.
  • Video is flexible, and can be paused or played anytime, anyplace.
  • Video is your perfect sales pitch, and the only platform available where you pay a flat fee, yet use it over and over, therefore reducing your overall cost.

What does it take to create the perfect video?
Creation of your video takes time, planning, attention to detail, in addition to great writing and storyboarding. These are the most important elements to video creation in order to capture the audience’s attention. The final script will relate your message, while selling your product and/or service.

Our team will guide you through the process to ensure your message is delivered appropriately, creatively, efficiently, and magically. Videos can be created in one or multiple languages to reach a your target viewers.Consider having professional voice talent to deliver your message since your message’s conveyance is crucial to your video’s success.

Once our team has created your video, you’ll have the opportunity to review it, suggest changes, and ultimately approve the video before it goes live.