Video Production Process

Step 1: Video Production Story Boarding

The process starts with a discovery phase meeting with all team players.

Next, we identify all objectives and content, and the overall feel of the video. From there, we’ll collect any pertinent information regarding your company and product/service(s). We’ll also have discussions regarding, as well as documenting, corporate identities and key elements to be included in the video, and how the process and production will be organized.

Step 2: Shooting Videos

This next phase, the Production phase, typically starts once everyone involved has agreed on and approved the storyboard. Our crew will begin the filming process using HD cameras, appropriate professional lighting, and all equipment necessary.

Step 3: Editing Videos

The editing phase brings everything we worked so hard for to a reality. We’ll use our award winning editing style, that includes using special effects, motion graphics and our creative eye. Once the initial draft is complete, we’ll send a preview for your approval, and any changes necessary will be made at this point. Upon completion of the final changes, the video is finalized.

Step 4: Final Formatting of Videos

The packaging phase, is the final step of production. Based on the needs of the intended audience, the video will be packaged and tailored to fit those needs for its intended use (Broadcast, DVD, Website, etc.)

Broadway Media Productions will keep your files on hand, in our system archive, once your production is complete. This allows you the added benefit and security of knowing we’ll always have a backup at our studio.