Trade Show Videos

We are all searching for exceptional ways to engage our trade show attendees. Trade Show Videos are a superb tool for this task. There are a variety of reasons why video can be a fundamental aspect to any trade show marketing strategy.

  • Trade Show Videos can get your message across in a visual and appealing way. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Video communicating can provide even more than that. Trade Shows are meant to be engaging and incorporating a video is yet another way to encourage attendee engagement in your exhibition booth.
  • Trade Show Videos are no longer cost prohibitive. Historically, you needed to have thousands of dollars to develop a great video. With present technology, you can create an engaging video for less than you think.
  • Trade Show Videos can be used in numerous channels for your trade show marketing. Videos are no longer limited to the screen inside your exhibit booth. You can embed these videos into emails, post to social media profiles, place them on your website, plus a ton of other options. Placing your video in several digital channels will work to maximize exposure and viewing.
  • Trade Show Videos is an excellent way to accentuate your trade show marketing, engage your audience and provide a different alternative to your standard communications plans.

Trade Show Video Process

The process of creating and producing Trade Show Videos is something that Broadway Media Productions specializes in. Our Video Producers know what it takes to make effective Trade Show Videos to attract and engage your viewers.

To view our Trade Show Video process and what it entails, click here.

Lots of variables affect how much your Trade Show Videos will cost.

Variables include:

  • How long your video is.
  • What style of video you want, there are several.
  • Turn around time! How quickly you want it (some styles can be produced faster than others).
  • Creativity concept! Who is directing, You or our team?

Our Trade Show Videos range in price from $995 for simple videos, up to $2,495 for more complex Trade Show Videos.

These prices include up to 60 seconds of completed video.

You can call us right now and we’d would be happy to assist you immediately.

Let us start working with you on high-quality, professional Trade Show videos today!