Social Media Marketing with Video! The Second Method

After you have achieved the task of setting up your social media and getting followers to pay attention your message, it’s time to cross-pollinate. “What’s that?” you may ask. Depending on your promotion or current marketing strategy, the video you have created to be the central focus needs to be watched. You need to use the social media at your disposal to talk about the video. What steps can you take?

Tweet about your video once a day

Since Twitter is constantly refreshing itself, you run little risk of spamming your tweeps. However, avoid the temptation of tweeting the same line. State your message in a different way each time you tweet—and don’t forget to link to your video.

Post a banner graphic on Facebook that is linked to wherever your video is located
Getting click-thrus will help to raise the value of your video campaign in the eyes of search engines.

Post to Google+ every 3 days
Keep your message light and to the point while not repeating yourself here either

Post to LinkedIn
This will take advantage of the many business relationships you have acquired. They will have a different reach then, say, your friends and acquaintances on Facebook.

Use email sparingly
If you have subscribers to an email or newsletter, only notify them with this strategy once. Multiple notifications about the same thing is a good way to get an onslaught of unsubscribes.

boosting Social Media Marketing with VideoIn order to pull all of this marketing together, try to use a theme to unite your campaign. Maybe you can offer a free trial or type of discount. Don’t forget to blog about this campaign; and while doing so, use photos or images that reinforce the message in your video. This will further entice your social media fans to become clients. Essentially, since video statistically keeps people engaged longer, if you can make them an offer they can’t refuse, then you will be successful!