Press Release

Planning a Multi-Media website has long been a grueling task. Many professionals spend countless hours seeking solutions to a broad range of problems with this task. The process may often take months, or even years, to complete.

As of today, this process has changed dramatically better, for consumers. Broadway Media, under the leadership of production professional and CEO, Vince Stott. “Broadway Media allows clients to be immersed in the website experience,” says Stott. Combining the benefits of streaming video, along with professional scriptwriting, creative presentation, responsive web design, and photography no stone has been left unturned with Broadway’s approach. “The key element is that every detail is tied together through an entire creative team.”

The next element of Broadway Media is the release of our highly interactive, website. “We’ve really gone all out on the Web site”, explains Stott. “We’re using technology in ways here to create streaming video that captivates and engages the viewer.” The goal is to keep fresh Multi-Media design concepts continuous and keep everyone involved excited”, says Stott.

Stott finished by stating, “Multi-Media has really come of age in recent years. The concepts we’re able to present will be truly extraordinary. We’re taking a hands-on approach to web design, highlighting the new age styles and trends and all the cool things we get to see working in our market. I hope clients will realize the time they’ll save and the ideas and stimulation they will receive when they visit us and see the vision of our remarkable team.”

Broadway Media is a Fort Lauderdale, FL-based Company that seeks to create a more visual, interactive, and exciting web design experience for today’s professionals. For more information about Broadway Media, please visit the

Contact: Vince Stott, CEO, Broadway Media, 1-954-644-2400 or Vince@Broadway