The Showtime Program Exclusively for Fencing Contractors

We’ve taken our experience working with Fence Contractors and created a specialized program to cover all of your online marketing and lead generation needs.

We look forward to working with you to take your online marketing efforts to the next level, with a strong focus on website design, search engine optimization, paid search & social media marketing.

Our goal is to help you increase your sales and grow your revenue by fully maximizing your lead flow online.

The Showtime Program

Our program is designed exclusively for Fencing contractors.

Showtime Program: Includes:

Consulting Services

With over 15 years in the business, Broadway is all about effective marketing. Today’s consumers, and helping our clients learn about all the new tools to grow your business. Our team has the creativity and industry know-how to guide your business in the right direction. You can trust us to help you get those complex projects completed on time and on budget.

Track, Measure & Quantify

The goal of the “Showtime” program is to help you grow. In order to ensure we are delivering on that objective and to help you quantify the results of our efforts we will put the following tracking mechanism in place:

Traffic & Search Trends

We will install Google Analytics on your website so that you can see exactly how many people are visiting on a monthly basis, what words they typed in to get to the site, what pages they went to, etc. You will receive this report every month via email.

Call Tracking

We will set up call tracking and recording broken down by SEO vs. PPC. With this tracking in place, we will be able to determine exactly how many inbound calls are coming into your office monthly via the internet and drill down by SEO vs. PPC. You will even be able to listen to these calls to truly quantify the results & ROI.

SEO Page Placement Report

We will set up a report with the core keywords that we are looking to obtain placement for and systematically track that placement on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Why Choose Broadway Media Productions?

Broadway launches “The Showtime Program”

Planning a marketing campaign for many fencing contractors has long been a grueling task. Many owners spend countless hours seeking solutions to a broad range of problems when they attempt to do this on their own. This process can be frustrating and may often take several months to complete.

As of today, this process has changed dramatically for the better. Broadway, under the leadership, CEO, Vince Stott, takes all the frustration out of this process for the client and reduces the time from concept to completion. “Broadway allows clients to be immersed in the marketing experience,” says Stott. Combining web site design, PPC, SEO, and, social media has made the sales strategies of many companies more productive. No stone has been left unturned under our approach.

Stott advises, With Broadway team members working in concert on each project, the synergy created produces a high-quality product/service that exceeds our client’s expectations. According to Stott: “Multi-Media has really come of age in recent years. The concepts we’re able to present are truly extraordinary. I hope clients will realize the time and money they’ll save and the ideas and quality they will receive.

We look forward to serving you.