Digital Signage

The generation of digital signage is upon us. You won’t wander very far in Miami without seeing an ad in a supermarket, a menu in a pizzeria or a way-finding display in a hotel — all showing on large-screen monitors. There’s a lot of excitement about digital signage and its potential. Companies see the prospects for increased profits, reduced costs and healthier customer and employee relations. But the actual displays are only a small part of the equation. A digital signage system won’t transform your business without well-made digital media for people to look at. That’s where Broadway media Productions comes in.

We are experts in filming and animation for fast or slow-paced digital signage advertisement. We can create video to suit whatever your needs are — from elegant floral or jewelry to fast-food menus and everything in between!

Our Process

The process of creating and producing a Digital Signage video is something that Broadway Media Productions specializes in. Our Video Producers know what it takes to make effective Digital Signage videos to attract and engage your viewers. To view our process and what it entails, click here.

Several variables affect the Digital Signage cost.

Variables include:

  • How long your video is.
  • What style of video you want, there are several.
  • Turn around time! How quickly you want it ((some styles can be produced faster than others).
  • Creativity concept! Who is directing, You or our team?

Our Digital Signage Videos range in price from $995 for simple videos, up to $4,995 for complex videos.

These prices include up to 60 seconds of completed video.

Let us start working with you on high-quality, professional Digital Signage videos today!